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"Hell On Earth" is a free downloadable project that I created for the people. It contains 9 free downloadable posters that are 24 x 36 in size.
I wanted to talk about the things that I think about and feel internally in this project.
"Hell On Earth: The Prelude" talks about various topics like race, psychological trauma of black men in America, nuclear war and spirituality.
I think its the perfect time to drop this project especially because of the state of the world. I think were living in an interesting time where were seeing a breakdown of modern society. Not too many generations get to see a societal collapse and I want to use my talents to cover it. Hopefully long after I die people will get a look of our time on earth from my perspective.
Spirituality and race comes up alot. This project along with "Dark Thoughts, Harsh Truths" I created out of passion. Also the inside my mind projects. In this once I wanted to tackle race and the psychological effects of poverty, racism, the justice system and the social/economic disfranchisement of African Americans aswell topics of death and spirituality. I talk about Trump and the upcoming potential nuclear war and also the toxic effect that hip hop and modern entertainment have on the young black mind.
I wont explain each piece like my past work. I feel like as an artist I leave it up for the viewer to interpreted things in their own way. I just did that, so people can get an idea where my mind was at during the time I created it but its up to you the viewer to create your own meaning.
This is the free digital version. The real "Hell On Earth" is coming soon. This is just a sampler. Its called the prelude because the final version will be traditional art not digital. It'll be mural size to be hung in galleries lord willing.
I want this project to hopefully start the direction I want my creative career to go in. I want to create shit that I'm passionate about. Life is short and if I'm going to make this my life's work its important I talk about all the things I witnessed and thought about during my time on earth. Although this is a free download. You can still buy it from my store.
Although this is a free download. You can still buy it from my store.

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