Services: Graphic Design | Illustration | Digital Artist | Photography | Video Editing | Fine Art | Motion Graphics.

NOTE:  If I didn't mention what service you're looking for: PLEASE! JUST ASK!!! I can create art for just about ANYTHING!

Pricing: This can vary, I price every project differently. Remember I create unique custom art & never use templates so I have many things that I take into consideration when creating each piece.

Note: For all design and custom artwork of anykind a 50% deposit is required! Email me at and explain to me what you're looking for and I'll send you price quote. If you agree to the price, I'll begin working on your project ASAP. I'll send a watermarked proof of your design, and if you don't like it. I'll rework it. Once the final design is approved, I'll need the other 50%. of the deposit. Once I receive the rest of the payment I’ll send you the final design.

I give my clients 2 free minor corrections after the final design is approved but if more corrections are needed, I’ll charge an additional fee.

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