Alright, This project is called “The Appetizer Vol.1”. I created this project as a prelude to my first real life art exhibit “Harsh Lies, Dark Truths”. That project will be done by the spring. It’ll be alot darker and more profound. More personal, it’ll talk about very dark aspects of the society we live in (Race, depression, pain, enlightenment, death, spirituality, dreams and nightmares..etc) I plan on using new styles, techniques and concepts. The goal is to create an aesthetically pleasing project , while at the same time conveying the concepts in a way that will hopefully provoke though/emotion out of the viewer. I want to put this one in galleries, IT’S TIME!!

The “The Appetizer Vol.1” is a free download like my other projects. It’s my typical format, 18×24. This project is very experimental, I played around with alot of different concepts and techniques. Its a nice, but small sample of whats to come

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