This Illustration is titled "Normal" From My 2nd Project "Inside My Mind Vol.2"

Download the whole project here:

The Breakdown:
Normal is a piece about depression, fighting personal demons and putting on a mask of appearing “Normal”. Most people in our society will never reveal the true them, because in order to hold up this facade were force to pretend to be “Normal”, even tho we aren’t. False pleasantries, smiles, small talk etc… Its all bullshit, yet we do it and tolerate each other to keep this illusion going. People will dress a certain way, speak a certain way and will do anything to appear “Normal” but on the inside will be a totally different person. People have the tendency to lie and create false personas of who they truly want to be.
This piece is also about depression and fighting internal demons. Notice the demons swirling around his skeleton, using it was their personal play ground. These are the internal demons that haunt a person, even tho they appear to be “Normal” from the outside looking in. His heart is cold also, hes jaded from a his experiences by the world but yet he still plays the role to function in a society he never was meant to be apart of. On the outside everything is bright, happy, sunshine and rainbows but very dark on inside.
Also made to be a semi personal piece also. Talking about some of the demons I fight internally but yet still have to brush them off and face a society I can’t even relate to. It have an racial element aswell, It discusses the adversity black people face, our grim history and how were still excepted to shut up and be “Normal”(assimilate).

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