This Illustration is titled "Knowledge (Freedom) " From My 2nd Project "Inside My Mind Vol.2"

Download the whole project here:

The Breakdown:
Knowledge is about the importance of education and how important it for black children to understand this society and how to survive and it without falling victim to the system.
The image shows 2 black children, a boy and girl reading books. Nurturing their mind. Learning and gaining knowledge. the background shows a wolf and snake lurking, which represent the different people or traps that’s waiting to destroy the children.
But as long as they’re intelligent and understand what awaits, they’ll always have a chance to defeat it. Butterflies and doves are coming from the book and a light is shining. Notice the background is dark. So they’re sitting in the darkness, surrounded by predators. But the books is giving them a light in the dark. Also up top  is an guardian angel is sitting on the moon watching over the children to protect them.

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