This Illustration is titled "Indoctrination" From My 2nd Project "Inside My Mind Vol.2"

Download the whole project here:

The Breakdown:
Breakdown: Indoctrination is a piece about how society is brainwashed from birth. Brainwashed from various outlets: Schools, news media, entertainment media,corporations, government, politicians…etc… The point is, from birth were programmed to follow the system and keep it running smoothly and unhindered.
The image shows a man being brainwashed with a device attached to his head. Television sets are connected to the device. On each television set is different forms of brainwashing. One set has a picture of an nuclear explosion with a cell phone taking a picture of it. Which shows how distracted by technological devices people are. Even tough the world is being destroyed, the person with the phone still needs to get a shot for social media.
Another TV set shows Obama, Clinton and Trump. This piece is also political and has to do with the 2016 Presidential election. I showed all 3 on purpose to show that I have no bias and how all political parties are the same. Republican, Democrat whats the difference? right? People chose political parties the same way people chose sports team to root for. They pick sides. Humanity have a way of forming cliques. Humans have a natural pack mentality, we form packs with those that have similar interest with us. This is a good way to manipulate the mentally weak. If you just blindly follow anybody, they can lead you down whatever road they want.
The next TV set on top shows a luxury sports car parked in front of an expensive house. This television set shows indoctrination by material gain. Materialism, and chasing glamour, “The American Dream”. Society tell us to chase these worldly possessions to appear “successful” when in reality these things are nothing but material that are made by man. They mean nothing. The image of “success” is an illusion. Some people will do anything to have these items and no matter how much they obtain, it’ll never fulfill their needs.
The TV set to the far right shows a red carpet event and a celebrity taking photos. Celebrities are placed on a god like pedestal in America. For whatever reason, these people are seen as cultural figures, and certain people will follow everything they say or do, when in reality they’re human and no different from the rest of us. Worshiping humans is dangerous of course because they have flaws like anybody and you’ll spend so much time obsessed with them that you never discover who you are as a person.
The last TV set is a bunch of corporate logos. Corporations are probably the biggest influencers in our society today. They’ll do or say anything to make money. Advertisers create false scenarios that prey upon naive viewers that have insecurities.
Lastly the evil faces symbolizes haunted thoughts. All the thoughts in his head that he can’t escape. There’s so much confusion, anxiety and stress it becomes unbearable for him to handle. Also uncle Sam is shown as a puppeteer playing both sides (Republican & Democrat) orchestrating the whole process, controlling the masses through indoctrination.

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