This Illustration is titled "Indoctrination 2" From My 2nd Project "Inside My Mind Vol.2"

Download the whole project here:

The Breakdown:
Indoctrination 2 is similar to Indoctrination 1 except its a the indoctrination of black people, esp the black youth solely. Indoctrination 2 is about how the toxic aspects of black entertainment and media leads to mental destruction.
The main image is a young man with a brainwashing device on his head. Media outlets are connected to his brain. The different TV sets shows the some of the different things I feel that indoctrinate black people like drugs, clothes, sex, violence, and other shit. Things that destroy the mind and lead to the death of morals.
The bottom connects some of the causes of our present conditions with history . Like slavery , the crack epidemic and Ronald Reagan involvement. The destruction of Black Wall Street, systemic injustice and many other horrific events. The bottom portion talks about the things that knocked black people off track everytime we started to gain solid footing in America. These things were done on purpose to keep blacks as an underclass.
The young man is smoking,  within the smoke clouds are slaves on a chain gang. Showing  our enslaved ancestors taking look into the present disappointed.

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