This Illustration is titled "Illusions of Grandeur" From My 2nd Project "Inside My Mind Vol.2"

Download the whole project here:

The Breakdown:
This piece is about the illusion of success in this society. The illusion of being #1, being at the top. Men striving to become god on earth, when it’s simply impossible. You really can’t be ultra successful without being selfish in this society. No matter how much a person attain, they will never have it all. In order to gain success, you have to sacrifice a piece of your humanity and use people as pawns to reach the top.
But problem is, there is no top. Where does it end? It doesn’t. No matter how much a person attain, they’ll always feel an empty hole on the inside, they’ll never be satisfied.The top is really an illusion and anybody that get close, they’ll get replaced eventually by the next hungry soul.
This also is a personal piece in a way, because I still try to chase the “top” and I know there isn’t one but something inside me drive me to want to be the best at something but why? I don’t know. But no matter what I gain or how good I get at my craft, it’ll never close the hole I feel on inside but yet I still chase it anyway. Me and many others that know they’ll never make it to the top, will still chase.
We live in a capitalistic society built on deceit, deception, lies, back stabbing. In America the goal is to cheat to win. Win by any means necessary and get yours by any means. The images show men with knives in their backs climbing over each other. Every man that made it to the next level was destroyed and including the guy that made it close to the top. Even tough he made it close, he stand couldn’t grab the crown, which is being held on strings by an puppeteer. The elite are the puppeteers, dangling the illusion of success over over the avg person head. Some people will do anything to attain the unattainable, even sale their soul, but no matter what, man will never have it all. Well never achieve true godhood.

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