Future - Perky's Calling
John C. Spain ( johnspainart )
Size: (18 x 24) Full Color Poster
Created with Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator & the Wacom Cintiq

NOTE: This Poster Is A Free Download
Blog Post:
Download Link: (Click or Copy & Paste

Project Summary:
This illustration is based off Future track titled "Perky's Calling" form the Purple Reign mixtape. I been listening to alot of Future lately and realized how introspective his lyrics were when you look past the catchy beats & hooks. I liked the vibe and it inspired me to create an illustration about the content of the track.

I wanted the art to be dark, just like the lyrics. The image shows 2 Percocet pills sucking the life out Future, which is basically a metaphor for the toxic effect that the drugs is having on him.
Background Breakdown: 
The background is actual made up of 4 different sections.
I put those 4 sections together, to make 1 large background, and put a new background underneath. 
Illustration Breakdown: 

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