This Illustration is titled "Fly Away" From My 2nd Project "Inside My Mind Vol.2"

Download the whole project here:
Breakdown: “Fly Away” is a largely personal piece. Inspired from some of the things I’ve been through, But also a piece for anybody that’s experienced depression or loneliness. This one is largely about depression and fighting mental demons. Its some what spiritual also. It also somewhat the depression young blacks face too.
Fly away shows the image of a man with his yes closed, and his fist resting on his forehead. Hes stressed, in pain. Bloody tears is falling from his eyes and the skulls in his mind represent depression. The dark thoughts hes fighting.
Up top the child angel is carrying a baby away, flying towards the moon, stars and clouds. The baby represent his innocence, his soul . His body is just a shell, a damaged shell with nothing left to offer to the world.
The angel is from heaven, and shes taking his soul to the kingdom or heaven. Notice the palace on the moon. Shes taking his soul back to the a peacefully environment away from the earth.  Taking him away from the pain of the world.

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