This Illustration is titled "Evolution" From My 2nd Project "Inside My Mind Vol.2"

Download the whole project here:

The Breakdown:
"Evolution" is about mental evolution. This is another personal piece mostly. Similar to “Enlightenment”. This piece is about mentally growth. This piece is one of my more unique pieces, I kept it flat, totally 2-D. This piece shows what happens when your mind is totally free from influence.
So the bottom shows the man sitting down in pain. Hes depressed, confused and scared. This is the point where most of us start. Before we discover your true selves and were searching for our true identity.
The next step is the “Aha” moment, when you finally start to discover yourself. Your mind is opening and your starting to connect the dots and figure it out and put it all together.
The last stage is the final stage, when your figure things out and you feel almost invincible, almost god like because you have a strong knowledge of self. Life is nothing to fear anymore, because you understand it, you know what you want and have no fear to obtain it. Also there’s a lock over his head. During this stage the lock is broken and his mind is totally free from the matrix.

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