I created this mixtape cover for rap group EquallyOpposite which consist of Gordo and Zac . The concept was based of my client idea to represent the common struggle both members  share coming from a small town, even tough they’re from 2 different environments. One is from the projects and other from more of an affluent area but they both have similar experiences in their upbringing’s.  Racial division exist within the town they grow up in and also within each of but guys own families. But despite this, both Gordo and Zac came together because of their similar goals and passion for music. Their goal is to try to bring people together through music.
So for the design I wanted to show the similarities they share. I did this by showing them as children in their childhood bedroom. Gordo is staring out the window seeing his uninspired environment, dreaming for more. Zac on the other hand is in his childhood bedroom also. Even tough hes in a safer environment he has similar thoughts of achieving success through his music.
The two faces morphed together was my clients idea, the 3 fingers and open mouth’s  represent “EO”
I used Photoshop for the entire design. I created 2 separate layouts. One more comic style and the other with actual photos.

See The Full Process Here:

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