This Illustration is titled "Dreams and Nightmares (Escape From The 716)" From My 2nd Project "Inside My Mind Vol.2"

Download the whole project here:

The Breakdown:
“Dreams and Nightmares” is the most personal piece in the project. Its totally about me. The second part of the title is (Escape From The 716). 716 is the area code for Buffalo NY, the city that I’m from. My relationship with my hometown has always been poor. I don’t have to many good memories or experiences in Buffalo. But I’ve learned alot and it has helped my become the person I am, so in a way I’m grateful.
Buffalo is a city that is very segregated, economically deprived and have a severe lack of opportunities. It’s not the easiest place to find a way out, especially if you’re young and black. It’s a place plagued with pitfalls. Its difficult to maintain the vision and discipline to keep striving for the things that you want in life without becoming sidetracked. It’s a place that’s very uninspiring esp for an artist.
This image talks about my dreams to see the world and be “free”. It shows some of the different destinations I always dreamed of visiting. Since I was a child my dream was to see the world before I die. I couldn’t focus in school, I never cared about the topics the teachers were talking about, I spent most of my time drawing and reading my history text book. Reading about past civilizations and checking out all of the pictures of different places around the globe.
OK so lets break it down. The image shows me in my bedroom drawing on my tablet. Drawing an image that symbolizes freedom. The bottom portion is dark, I chose to use greyscale. On the wall you’ll see an image of Satan. I put that there to symbolize fighting the demons, depression, loneliness telling me to quit dreaming and settle but I had to maintain my discipline and strive regardless how far or unrealistic my dreams seem to be. I also had to put in many long hours of sacrifice to perfect my craft. It takes lot of belief to keep moving forward and improving esp when the results aren’t appreciated . The bars on the windows is the feeling of being trapped in the city, and trying to figure out how to create an exit from nothing. Up top are the travel destinations, notice the thought bubbles. So I’m dreaming about my freedom while being trapped in the situation that I’m in.

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