This Illustration is titled "Belly Of The Beast (mmm Food)" From My 2nd Project "Inside My Mind Vol.2"

Download the whole project here:

The Breakdown:
“Bell Of The Beast” Is about both the mass incarceration epidemic for american black males and it also shows how the American capitalistic system benefits from the plight of the underclass. The concept is about the “Beast” (The System) feeding off the bodies for economic gain.
So lets start with the image of the bloody beast which is an analogy for the system. The image shows the babies on the plate laying  in a pool of blood. The plate is draped in the American flag. He’s holding eating utensils (The Knife & Fork) also salt and pepper shakers are present. The steam coming from his eyes are the lost souls that were consumed by the system. They’re coming from the beast digestive system. Think of it as gas, I suppose.
The money on the top of his head represent profit. Economic gain made from the prisons. But to go deeper into the topic, its not about money being made through privately owned prisons entirely but also about blacks being the american permanent underclass. In order for the capitalistic system to hold up, somebody have to be at the bottom. For some people to win , alot more have to lose for this illusion called the “American Dream” to hold up. And the people at bottom pain is unfortunately also for profit.
The last thing is the troops, they’re protecting the money. Guarding the profits and the system itself.

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