After Dark Is a piece about police brutality. Most notably of young black men in the inner city. The title has 2 meanings. After dark because the scene takes place at night after the sky turn dark but also because these of things happen in America in the dark away from the world to see.
Obviously you’re not going to ever see the police kicking young black men asses on a pamphlet for the world to see, so these activities happen in black neighborhoods in the dark and goes unnoticed. Police brutality goes back to the days of slavery in America.
This is also a hot topic in recently years after the various police shootings that been caught on tape. Which sparked a frenzy of protest and social media activism from the raw footage of from each video.
The style that I used is more simple than most of my usual work. I wanted this one to get straight to the point. The piece is pretty straight forward. 2 cops beating a distressed black man under the stars with a urban back drop of the city lights.

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